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Okay. So, a few days ago, I posted a public entry on my journal detailing why I support Obama in this election. I also posted this in note form on facebook. An interesting debate regarding universal healthcare and socialism ensued. I'm just going to copy-paste the main points, then I'm curious about everyone's personal thoughts on this matter.

Excerpt of original post: "[Obama's program] guarantees universal healthcare for minors, but his initial plan does not cover adults. Complete universal healthcare is a vital goal that we need to aspire to, so what makes Obama's plan a good one? It's a pragmatic solution that works toward that ideal of universal healthcare for all, with significant efforts to subsidize and provide universal access to the entire population."

Reply: "Obama and Clinton promise free health care to those in need-which is a very good thing, but they make this promise to the whole at the individual's expense. This is what really bothers me.

So my parents, and yours, would in fact be paying for someone's health care that we don't even know, in the form of taxes or spending cuts in other areas such as defense or education. Our parents, and soon to be us, who have worked so hard already to make a living, are once again having our hard-earned money taken away in order to pay for someone else to have health care.

Another problem that universal health care proposes is the government wages that our doctors will be receiving. They will receive relatively equal wages if i'm correct depending on their particular field, which lowers motivation for doctors to get better and acheive more. It's the same thing as if you had an english test that you were told to study for, but you've also been told that no matter how you do on the test, your still going to receive a C+. Would you actually study? In the same way, the doctors probably won't work nearly as hard.

Another thing to consider - The more patients they see, the more money they will earn.. which leads to less time spent on the individual patient. Also, if i'm correct, by switching to the new health care plan we are commiting to local care, which means that if you get sick, your parents will not have the right to seek out the best doctor in illinois in order to help you get better, even if they have the money to do so, and even then, you will take a number in order to be seen. Don't you think that if you have worked hard for the money that you have, then you should have the right to pay any doctor you wish to see you? You see, this is the type of health care that canada has and many of them come to America in order to get the medical attention that they need.

Interestingly enough, all of this relates back to socialistic views that Mr. Sanders talked about in P&J. Socialism is the benefit of the whole over the individual. It benefits some who have not worked hard, and breaks others who have. So is it necessarily right to steal from the rich and give to the poor? I suppose if you want robin hood for president.." (I'm going to stick one all-purpose [sic] in here for typos.)

I'll leave my own reply to that off for now. Basically, I'm just curious what everyone makes of this and what your own opinion is regarding the healthcare issue.
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