The Crazy Salesman (t_c_s) wrote in 1nationunderjim,
The Crazy Salesman

Social Interactions

I've recently come to a conclusion. I've come to believe that every social interaction between humans is governed by their respective insecurities.

Just think about it - next time you sit at dinner or something, just think about what people say and how they get or want attention. This is especially evident with two people who like (or 'have crushes on') each other. And if you critically analyze the things that you do instinctively - those which you "just do" without thinking - you will see how your instincts are governed by insecurities.

This is my opinion, but I think it's quite intriguing.
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I'm not sure about every social interaction, but I think the theory doesn't have to be especially evident solely in people who are attracted to each other. I think it even happens within groups of friends.

Though, now that think about it, as far as people who are romantically attracted - even when they're together there's an element of unsureness. And that stems from insecurity. Because "liking" someone, or even being in love with them, is a huge insecurity trigger. You worry about everything. For example, the fear that you like him/her more than he/she likes you - and suddenly, that's something of a force in everything you do. In some cases it's a small force, in others a driving force... maybe. I'm not sure.

This intrigues me, too. Especially as someone who's really struggled with insecurity and has SEEN how it seeps into everything I do.
Amen to that second paragraph
Heh, I'm just glad you understood what I said. Because I reread it and was like, "Wait. What?"