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I know it's late, but here are some topics I was thinking about for our debate on the 23rd:

China, about fifteen days ago, did a missile test on the destruction of a satellite. Is militarization to follow?
"U.S. Tries to Interpret China's Silence over Test"

Debating whether 11- through 13-year-olds should remain in a middle school like attitude, or whether they should reset their sights on college and a professional future. Basically the argument is whether K-8 schools are better/worse than 6-12 schools. (I really like this one.)

"Taking Middle Schoolers Out of the Middle"
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I like the middle school idea too. I personally think that all opportunities for middle-schoolers should be offered and they can take the route that is best for them and their families. If more 6-12 schools are established, that isn't to say that K-8 schools won't continue. I guess I'm saying that I see the ups and downs to both sides. But this is good, because I would technically have no problem debating either side. And its an interesting subject, involving psychology in a way, child psychology.

Academically, I can see the perks of starting kids off earlier in a high school environment. It can be good to get them thinking about college at an early time. But we don't necessarily want to rush it along too much. I mean, the average 6-8 school doesn't even have their kids thinking about college. Is the 6-12 supposed to be an early beginning for exceptional students? As one part of the article said, in the lunch room, conversation ranges from giggling about boys to intense political discussion. Pretty wide range. But then look at Rosary... same thing. And back to the academics. If your goal is to get more kids to go to college, get better teachers and a better curiculum. Look at Rosary, almost every girl in every graduating class gives college a try. And this is a regular 9-12 school. We've all been to different schools, some from K-8, some from high-end 6-8, some from low-end 6-8. But despite the varying histories, clearly we have an academic program that helps all willing girls along.

I did appreciate the hominess of HA, personally. By the time I was in the upper wing, I could still walk past Mrs. Freeman or Mrs. Heckel and partake in a conversation. You can get all the preteen crap done with while in a homey environment. It does make it a lot harder to leave though, I had close relationships with many people who I haven't seen since graduation. Would I have felt that respected and acheived if I left HA in 5th grade? I don't know for sure, but I'm pretty sure I would not have. But if I ended up going to a 6-12 school, would I have gotten that feeling there, only more intense, when I graduated? When I left middle school, it wasn't necessarily the comfort of being in a protected environment that I missed, it was the comfort of being with people I love who I would possible never see again.

I do like this topic and hopefully we can get the other two to agree to it. I told them to come in after school... but they didn't... oi. Anyways, the question is can we find more info? As Mr. Sanders said, are there more school districts that are thinking this through seriously? We have to do some research to see if we can come up with enough information to last our 4 minutes, or however long we have.
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Haven't read the whole thing yet, I got stuffs to do before I go to sleep, but it is of interest to what we're doing here.